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Paying homage to Larry Levan's Garage 🌴

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Larry Levan's DJ sets at New York's most legendary nightclub Paradise Garage were often called Saturday Mass. Larry would preach through his music from the DJ booth, just like a priest does from a pulpit. Levan delivered his sermon each weekend, from the club's opening in 1977 to the day the Garage forever closed its doors in the summer of 1987. Located, true to its name, in a parking garage on 84 King Street in Manhattan, it was one of the only clubs ever built for a specific DJ. A pretty non-descript venue but what it lacked in decor it made up for with its world-famous sound system and passionate members. The Garage's legend is synonymous with that of Levan, who was the club's resident DJ in the most literal sense; at one point even living in the building. He treated it with the reverence accorded to a house of worship: repositioning the sound system on the night, stopping his set at 2AM to polish the mirror balls, and even ensuring that the bins were thoroughly cleaned. All of which seems unthinkable for a DJ today but then the Garage was more than just a club, it was Levan's vision of paradise.